Academic Team 13

Please refer the teacher page for your student's assignments.

Mrs. Jones - Math

Mrs. Meskal - Reading - ELA

Mr. Hilderbrand - Science and Social Studies

Other teachers linked to team 13.

Mrs. Armahizer, Mrs. Shedio, Mrs. Johnston

Paraprofessionals: Mrs. Long and Mrs. Kehoe


Assignments and Announcements

 Assignments and announcements will be sent through the "Remind App".  These messages are linked directly to our teacher pages.  Please click on the teacher's link on the right side of this page to go to their specific classroom pages.

Math homework (Jones)>

ELA homework (Meskal)>

Science (Hilderbrand)>

Social Studies (Hilderbrand)>

Team Teachers

Mr. Hilderbrand -- Science & Social Studies

Ms. Jones -- Math

Ms. Meskel -- English Language Arts

Ms. Armahizer

Ms. Shedio

Ms. Johnston