Academic Team 4

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FID Update!  (3/24/2020)

Note:  All of this information is available through your email from the principals.  This is just an additional way to access the SAME information!

The BMS teachers will be holding office hours Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. from 11A.M. to 1P.M. and Wed., from 11AM. to 12P.M. During these Office hours we will be available by email to answer any questions you have based on the assignments that parents/guardians will receive in an email from the school district.

Also, for additional learning and practice, please get on Study Island and IXL.  Students are familiar with these programs from frequent use in school.  Here is a link to a parent video about IXL:


Visit the Quick Links menu on the Butler Middle School website to find the link for Clever, which will lead students to both Study Island and IXL!


The assignments for this week are posted on the website.  Here is the link:

Please visit Ms. Cirelli's Page for the Social Studies Answer Key!


Video Update from Ms. Cirelli-I miss you all!  Stay safe and take care of yourselves!





Welcome to Academic Team 4!

Math-Room 100=Mrs. Popovich  ex.5635

ELA-Room101=Mr. Johnston  ex.5636

Learning Support-Room 102=Mrs. Bazner ex.5637

Science/Social Studies-Room 103=Ms. Cirelli  ex. 5638

Reading Specialist-Room 104=Mr. Tanaka  ex.5639

Team 4 Behavior Expectations:  Be on time, be ready for class, be respectful, be your best, BE TUFF!


Team Teachers

Ms. Cirelli -- Science & Social Studies

Mr. Johnston -- English Language Arts

Mrs. Popovich -- Math

Mr. Tanaka -- Reading Specialist

Mrs. Bazner -- Special Education